Apalachicola National Forest Vegetation Management


Liberty County, FL

Invasive Plant Treatment 

EarthBalance provided the labor and materials necessary for the one-time treatment of non-native, invasive plants within the Hurricane Michael-influenced portion of the Apalachicola National Forest located in Liberty County, Florida. Treatment crews surveyed and concurrently treated all Category I and II vegetation as specified in the Florida Invasive Species Council’s (FISC) 2019 “List of Invasive Plant Species”.

The most prevalent species and those of high concern included cogongrass, Japanese climbing fern, torpedograss, and Chinese tallow-tree. Each of these species were treated per corresponding herbicide label specifications with sufficient adjuvants and dye. Treatment included basal bark/cut stump for trees and shrubs; foliar applications for vines, ferns, and grasses; small seedlings/saplings were hand-pulled and bagged or hung on branches of surrounding trees; and climbing ferns and vines were treated by “poodlecut” method.

The treatment area was restricted to within 100 feet of existing roads as identified and prioritized by Forest Service staff. The estimated overall size of the treatment area was approximately 21,814 acres. GPS tracks and treatment reports were provided to the Client on a weekly basis to demonstrate progress. 

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Project Location

Liberty County, FL

Project Manager

Chrissy Hensel

Contract Amount


Project Owner

United States Department of Agriculture – Forest Service

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