Our Services

Ecological Restoration

We have the scientific expertise, resources, and innovation to create, and maintain your wetland and upland restoration projects.

We provide you with the “complete restoration package” by utilizing our experienced planting and maintenance technicians and we constantly strive to employ cutting-edge technologies to streamline the restoration process.

Mitigation Banking

Our knowledge of mitigation rules and credibility with regulators allow us to optimize a solution to meet your project needs, whatever the challenge.

We bring our extensive knowledge of mitigation rules and how to obtain the approvals required from numerous state and federal agencies to operate wherever you need mitigation solutions.

Environmental Consulting

Our Environmental Scientists and Project Managers understand ecosystems and the regulations protecting environmental resources so we can help your project move forward.

We bring our diligent and sustainable approach, along with decades of experience to consult on environmental regulations and protected species acceptance. The EarthBalance  team works on private, local, state, and federal projects, which provides both perspective and credibility as we gain approvals for your project.

Native Plant Nursery

Our commitment to finding ecological solutions is supported by our nursery that specializes in the production of grasses and herbaceous species.

We’re a leading grower and supplier of native wetland and upland plants. Seeking to serve our ecosystem restoration projects and grow a wide variety of plants to supplement our wide variety of services.

A Focus on Balance and Benefits

Tending Natural Habitats

We have been providing ecosystem restoration and environmental consulting services throughout the United States and Caribbean for over 30 years and we understand the value and function of sensitive wetland and upland habitats, we know the intent of permit conditions, utilize specialized equipment, and employ cutting edge technologies.

Personal Approach

Our environmental consulting and ecosystem restoration approach is customized to best fit your project goals. We offer a wide variety of services, and we can navigate the permitting for you.

A Proven Process Enhances Successful Outcomes

How We Deliver

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Stage One

Are we the best fit?

EarthBalance carefully considers each project to make sure it correlates with our capabilities, team, equipment and many other factors so we can enter into business with absolute confidence.

Stage Two

Starting on the same page

When starting a project, we go through a thorough process of “making sure we’re all on the same page.” EarthBalance’s team truly cares about the work we do and the people for whom we do it. 360 degree, birds eye view.

Stage Three

Breaking ground

Once everything is in place, we begin work. With our specialized equipment, expert project management team, and highly trained workforce, we put boots on the ground to make sure every project reaches it’s full potential.

Stage Four

Leave it better than we found it

We build a legacy acre by acre. Every single member of our team is extremely passionate about what we do. We’re committed to the environment. Our business is to improve the land with every project we work on.

Experienced in a Wide Range of Locations

Equipped for Every Challenge

In-House Equipment

Our team members are licensed and permitted at state and federal regulations levels to operate machinery and tools for large-scale projects. No project is too big.

30+ ATVs

An image of an ATV in a sunny day on a beach-like environment.

40+ 4-Wheel Drive Trucks & Trailers

Custom-Built Airboats



Herbicide Sprayers

Swamp Buggies

Flailvac for Upland Seed Collection


ArcGIS Surveying